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1 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #1


What a great way to finish the week-we have our FIRST Curiosity Box! Louise Brown was the lucky recipient of this box yesterday.

Did you send it? Have you received yours yet? Get those photos in now to info@grantriley.co.uk and tell us what you thought of your gift!



  1. I sent this! Can't believe it's the first one up, it took me ages to decide what to put in it! I just got mine so will be emailing pics in soon :) Thanks for the Curiosity Project - best idea ever! xx

  2. Sally!! Thank you soo much. I am sooo lucky and very thankful. Everything was sooo beautiful and thoughful and I could talk about how brilliant they are all day long!! I am going to display your wonderful photos in my craft room which I am decorating at the moment (your bike is way cool!) and I will treasure (and try out) everything that was included and it will bring me lots and lots of happiness. Thanks again xxxxx