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5 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #5




I love, love, LOVE the contents of this box. They link together beautifully and Kirsten's well written response is a great read too. I'm sharing a couple of images from this one...

"Finally I have had some time to take some photos of my beautiful parcel that arrived last week & I wanted to take my time doing this as well as savouring the contents & the love that had been put into this box. It was with great excitement that I tootled off to the Royal Mail depot to collect my parcel & then bring it home to open when I was on my own.

As soon as I opened the lid, a lovely handwritten message was there for me to read & then I very carefully unwrapped the contents within. I am a vintage girl at heart & so let out a big sigh of love when I saw a vintage dressing table cloth that was wrapped around an old Penguin paperback. Did my secret sender know that I had just been saying to friends that it had been so long since I'd taken the time to sit & read a book? Well, this is the one that I am going to curl up with & read with a cup of tea & biscuit by my side. Bliss.

There were other pre loved little trinkets that I just love & then I took out the 'keep cup' & the woolly hat. My day job is as a primary school teacher & playground duty in the Winter months is not much fun but now I have a beautiful hand knitted hat & a cup that means I can safely take tea outside to wrap my hands round. Perfect.

The curiosity project is a simple & creative idea that really has reminded me of how much joy a handwritten message & carefully chosen gifts can bring. In an age of emails, texts, and tweets we can so easily lose the human contact with each other & this parcel has reminded me that it is these small gifts of curiosity that spread the most love & smiles. Thank you."

Enjoy it all Kirsten. Now...who was the sender? 



  1. Eeeeeeee! It was me. And Kirsten's response made me very happy. Thank you. Pleased it arrived in one piece to all be loved again xx

  2. That box is absolutely gorgeous!