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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #72

Everyone could do with a passport to success...Hannah got hers in the post this morning...

"My box came and I utterly loved it. Please do thank the sender from me.

I've attached the photos of the pretty pink box that arrived on a grey sort of day when I had the blues. This box brought me utter joy thanks to it's sheer thoughtfulness, quirkiness and the overriding weird feeling that the sender knew me.

So many of the contents were just what I needed:

Luggage tags and a stamp I can use when sending out my Belle Amie Vintage treasures
Magnetic pegs for those stray bits of paper that irritate me on a daily basis. And which my husband and I had an ongoing debate about where to keep, until these arrived
A string of newspaper hearts now cheering my office
A book of inspiration I can use for myself and in my day job when I help women to beat cancer
A heart shaped candle holder and candle
A reminder to dream
Gorgeous soap... And I could go on.

Opening the box and unwrapping each gift made me really happy and connected to somebody who, as far as I know, I  have never met

Thank you!"


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