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10 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #10




The lovely Carla dropped me an email last night all very excited at having received her Curiosity Box in the post. 

"My box made me smile so much, it's as though the sender knows me... I adore floral things and notebooks, I'm a brooch obsessive and I have a thing about writing letters... so my contents were perfect!"

What a gorgeous collection of treats! Were you the sender?



  1. Hi Carla I am so glad you liked your gift.I wanted to send handmade items so it makes the gift that little bit more special. I know two of the artisans who made the cards and brooch and thought that anyone could not help but like them. The project has been quite exciting. Best wishes Nicola xx

  2. Hi Nicola! I absolutely loved them all, thank you so so much - and I'm sorry it took me so long to post the photos :S Bad squishy... but I treasure them all, and I'm wearing the brooch at work today, it's got lots of comments and everyone loves the story behind where I got it! Carla xx