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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #101

Our first Wednesday post comes from the lovely Charley...

"After missing the postman and not being able to pick up my parcel for days the anticipation alone was so fun! My work colleagues persuaded me to open the box whilst at work as they had seen me pack mine so everyone was very intrigued.

My sender loves red (snap, I sent a lot of red items to her too!) so all the items were colourful and what she describes as hints to her 'essentials'. I have a nose like a wolf-hound so I sniffed out the scented candles in the box before I even opened it and they took me back to the days when I was 13 and worked in a candle shop! 

Much like myself, the sender is a fan of wine, as I received a wine book so I shall swot up on these for sure. The shoe box contained lots of 'essential' bits n pieces: cupcake cases, sparkly gemstones, a pink lippy, a bird decoration (for my xmas tree perhaps) a coaster, some lip balm, some gloves (with bows on!), and a Hello Kitty surprise pack. Another blast from the past was a bag of locally produced Peardrops from Wigan, who knew they came from there!? 

Thank you to my curious sender for kindly sharing her 'essentials' with me, and I am pleased to see you enjoyed yours too!"


1 comment:

  1. So happy that it arrived you you safely!
    Enjoy the famous Uncle Joe's! :) XX