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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #105

"After being woefully lax in putting a curiosity box together for my secret recipient, life also managed to get in the way of picking up my own one from the sorting office- 4 days the poor thing resided there before I managed to get out of work early enough to pick it up. I'm not the sort of person to savour christmas present opening or anything like that, so literally as soon as I was walking back to the car, I was clawing at the jiffy bag!

I was really pleased with the vintage style biscuit tin and the contents were so perfect! Its been said a million times already on this blog, but it's funny how someone who doesn't even know who you are can get you so right!

My box contained: 3 black and white postcards from the national portrait gallery, with a little note from my sender, who hoped I liked baking and Cath Kidston (I do!!) and a recipe for chocolate orange cupcakes. 

There were also some very cute heart shaped measuring spoons (just peeping out of the bottom of my picture), some really unusual square card cake cases- To be honest, they're far too nice to be used, so I have a feeling they'll be treasured and remain in their box! A lovely length of lace, which indulges my haberdashery shop fetish, Cath Kidston tissues and a handy floral pocket mirror- Which will be going straight in my handbag

A lovely and very thoughtful box of treats, so thank you secret sender. Feel a bit guilty for not putting a note in my box now, but I hope you like my box too!


Just goes to show you can never have too much Cath in your life ;-) 


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