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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #106

Ok. Hold the phone. How freakin' awesome is THIS box?! I think this could be a fore runner for me now. Why? It has ticker tape on the box and a moustache on a stick inside. Oh and stationery porn. Need I say more? It even reached the lucky Jennie when she was feeling rather poorly...

 "Tiffany got in touch with me to see if I had received my box yet as the sender had sent it and hadn’t heard back from me. I hadn’t received it and hoped it hadn’t got lost in the post! The next day there was a Royal Mail card pushed through our letter box and when I saw it I got all excited but alas it was in my husband’s name not mine so I assumed it wasn’t my box after all! 2 days later and I’m home in bed off work with the start of this horrid flu lots of people have...one of those days when you lie there thinking I should be doing something useful and then giving in and getting out the laptop anyway. So after a day of lots of aimless Facebook searching and uploading and wedding blog browsing (didn’t do anything too taxing!) my husband arrived home with 2 parcels and brought mine to my sick bed! Hurray! One of the parcels was for me after all! I was so excited, with no idea of what I might find inside!! The box was wrapped in brown paper and stamped with lovely postal messages (‘Handle with Care’, ‘Thanks’ and ‘Rush!’). I crawled out of bed to go get my camera so I could record its grand opening! I sat back on my bed and unwrapped the package carefully to find there was a mystery box inside also covered in brown paper and with a ticker tape label saying ‘CURIOUS’. Yes I was! Inside was a mystery envelope indicating I should open it! Inside this was a card saying ‘Hello Curious Person!’

My note read:

‘Hello Curious Person...I hope you enjoy your box...It was a little self-interest I think, I just included things I’d like to receive myself! The striped bags and bakers twine were from my wedding (as well as the moustache and lips). I think my obsession with stationery may be obvious...I have always been fixated by it. I can’t help myself! Plus...a few handmade bits....some say crochet reminds them of their nan...I don’t think that’s a bad thing J Enjoy! Xxx’. 

The note included a typewriter stamp which was really weird as I’d just uploaded some typewriter pics to my facebook page...
I then opened the box and each item had a little label describing its meaning to the sender. Some things were loose or tied with the twine and some were wrapped in stripey bags! More mysteries to uncover!!

The items were:
1.     A moustache and lips on sticks used in the sender’s wedding in August  - great fun thanks!
2.     A Christmas screen-printed card made by the sender – I’ll send this to only a special person
3.     Some little Xmas stockings crocheted by the sender (this sender is so talented!) – I will certainly use them on my tree this year, thanks!
4.     A crocheted Xmas star – I love it!! I want more!
5.     Some vintage stickers and letter transfers – these will get used too!
6.     2 letterpress cards - Wahey! A strawberry and another vintage typewriter!
7.     A marmite sandwich box - interesting... I think I’ve only had marmite once in my life so not sure if I love it or hate it, but either way, the box will be useful...my doctor has just told me I need to eat  more regularly so I’m going to use it to take a sarnie or snacks in when I’m out and about.
8.     Vintagey style Jigsaw for boys and girls. I know just the right little girl who will love this for Xmas! Thanks!

This box was certainly assembled with the other meaning of ‘Curious’ – ‘made or prepared skillfully’.
Thankyou so much to my sender from Bournemouth for sharing your skills, interests and loves with me!  It was the perfect medicine for the end of an eventless day in my sick bed!! Thank you to my sender for taking such care of me! xxx"

Ok crafty person-own up and send me one of those bad boys!


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  1. Huzzah! It arrived...So very pleased. I'm glad it also held unexpected medicinal powers too ; ) I very much enjoyed putting it all together i must say x