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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #108

One of the photos of this next box made us laugh out loud. Don't get me wrong, the box itself is lovely, it's just the shot of Amy's puppy's nose making it into the frame that made us giggle!

"My Curiosity Box arrived some time ago. Life as it does at times, turned a bit mental, so I am very late in sending my photos. 
My box was lovely, a pretty little suitcase, filled with lovely, thoughtful little gifts. All of which I will be able to use which is fabulous.
I have attached some photos of the items below, including one with my puppies little nose as he was about to grab one of the gifts, I managed to intercept him!
This has been such a lovely little project, I'm just sorry that I haven't been able to engage with and enjoy it as much as I would have liked.
Thank you very much to my mystery sender, and apologies for the delay!"


We hope life calms down for you soon Amy, hang on in there!


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