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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #112

Next up is Jaye who received this stylish box full of clues as to the sender. We're drooling over the typewriter loveliness...

"I am soooo pleased with my curiosity box! The postman who delivered it had a long chuckle that it was addressed to 'My Delightful Curious Friend'  - it involved a lot of head shaking and an expression that seemed to say 'women!' 

Inside my box (even the box was lovely! - so sad that I even love the box it came in!)

1) A typed note on a vintage typewriter giving me little clues about who the sender was. 
2) An instamax photo of the typewriter used (jealous of both the instamax and the typewriter!)
3) A book entitled 'Grandma Knows Best' with a lovely inscription. (The sender recently lost her grandmother and dedicated the book on her behalf. I too lost my grandmother <a few years ago now> and she was my hero and so I heartily approve of the sentiment. When I die, I want to be 1/2 the woman my grandmother was....)
4) A gorgeous Paperchase notebook with an HB Staedtler pencil (I have never seen one in red before!)
5) A bag of refreshers (Matt was eyeing them up already...where should I hide them?)
6) A card that says 'A Clean House is a Sign of a Wasted Life' (never truer words....)
7) A GORGEOUS coffee table book titled 'What every woman should know - lifestyle lessons from the 1930s' (I die!)

Thanks so much my curious friend! I wish I had as much style as you....."



  1. IT was meeeeeeeee! ;)) I am so so pleased you got your box and like it so much - thank you so much for mine also :)

    Absolutely thrilled to bits now :)

    Much love,

    Annabel xXx

  2. Awww! Thanks so much Annabel! I had so much fun doing this and I was overjoyed when my parcel came in the post! I love everything in it!
    (lots of exclamation points!!!)

    Hopefully some of your stylishness will rub off on me now.... ;)