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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #113

Ohhhhhhh we're in vintage heaven right now. Just loooooook!

"I was very excited to receive my curious package that was carefully wrapped in brown paper, I couldn't resist ripping it open like a excited child at christmas. 

Inside the box I found a treasure chest of delights hidden and protected by beautiful music sheets (what an excellent idea!!!). A very pretty vintage china tea cup cleverly made into a candle that sits proudly in my kitchen as I write this. Only in the few days it has been on show guests have commented on how lovely it is. 

A cute little wish bracelet with the tag line "follow your dreams" an statement that should never be ignored. 

A heart shaped cushion with the delicious aroma of lavender wafting from the gorgeous antique fabric. I am admittedly a lavender fiend and always dropping lavender essential oils around my room and bedding at night so this gift was absolutely perfect!!! 

As a keen grower of things (I can't quite stretch it to say gardener) the herb markers will really give my sad little pots in the back yard a touch of class! 

And a 1920's wedding photograph. Very curious indeed. What a lovely box of treats the majority of them hand made and all absolutely fabulous! Thank you curious giver you are a lady of great taste and talent and my home feels a little brighter and warmer now from the sweetness of your generous gifts!



1 comment:

  1. Katie, I am so glad that you like your parcel of trinkets & treats! They were made / chosen for you with love and a generous sprinkle of curiosity!

    Jenna xx