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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #114

Clemmie received a print themed box. Loving those stamps! 

"Of all the achievements of human kind,
the birth of the alphabet is the most momentous"

"My box was all based around the theme of print and contained a screen printed bag, some fabulous printed Christmas cards and some letterpress letters.  It was so thoughtful of the sender to include these handmade things as well as a lovely note explaining it all.  This project has been great fun and thank you so much to the sender for putting so much time and effort into my lovely gift!  I love it!"

Tell us secret sender-do you work in print?


1 comment:

  1. Hello Clemmie I hope you do like it and thanks for getting the shots in as I was a little late in sending (sorry). I am obsessed with print particularly screen print (limited edition prints and onto fabric) but have bought an Adana in a mission to master some letterpress and have lots of metal type everywhere as I build my collection.

    Yes I do work in print. I'm a graphic designer. I screen print myself and will letterpress myself but often use other professional printers too.

    Great project keep up the good work!