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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #117

We've got our beady eyes on this bad boy, which made its way over to Tracy in Cyprus...

 "Contained within was all manner of beaded wonders - thank-you kind sender.  I love bags and I have loved to have a special bag for that black tie occasion that will be coming soon so it was a lovely surprise to receive embroidered one enclosed... I spent a long time thinking about sending scent in my Curiosity box ( see fresh herbs in post  #103) so to receive lily of the valley and roses for scenting clothes was lovely too because they are favourite plants of my mother so a constant reminder because she is far away...  a silver ring; everyone who has known me for long time knows my love for these...little boxes - I have a collection in my bedroom too... hair clips well they are definitely for my helper in the project Emma - she is mentioned in the little book I sent in my curiosity box ( I hope to post on my website soon).... Badges another thing I love to buy - one has kimono fabric - anything Japanese has been a constant subtle influence in my artwork  and "admit two" badge seems to reflect the story of my life - I always want to share any great experiences I have with others...a beaded phone cover with keyring - do you know me sender :-) I am constantly mislaying my phone and keys :-)

So thank you so much for the lovely gift and thank you Tiffany for the chance to share great experiences people who will no longer be strangers - The Curiosity Project rocks :-) xx"


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