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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #118

We think the sender of this box is a big kid at heart ;-)

"I received my box yesterday, and it was very exciting to open the contents. Everything was inside a box decoupaged with magazine images of Christmas and winter, it's so cool! I'm going to keep some Christmas ornaments in it from now on. 

Inside was lots of bits and pieces, most of them wrapped in pink tissue paper. It's a bright, fun collection of things which suits me perfectly. There's candles, buttons, a handmade notebook with some inspiring quotes inside, and a bracelet and brooch needle felted by the sender. These, and all the other bits included, will be treasured by me, because it's so nice to have these gifts sent with care by someone I've never met. 

Thanks for the great project, it's wonderful knowing that a little love is being spread throughout the world, a curious box at a time!



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