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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #119

This box made its merry way over to Chicago and greeted recipient Jessica after a gloomy day at work...

"After an extra-long day at work, which seemed even longer due to the early dusk and a chilly November drizzle that had found its way to Chicago, I came home to a brown paper package par avion from London. There’s nothing quite like it to lift your spirits!

The sender asked whether I’ve visited London, and indeed I have. Each thoughtful gift inside set my heart racing with memories of my trip and a longing to return. How wonderful to know that some lovely person across the globe had been thinking of me, for each item was so wonderful it seemed hand-picked for me.

There were delightful London cake toppers, a Polaroid magnet containing a rooftop view, some gorgeous Liberty notecards, and a creative envelope-making kit. A writing journal and travel tags had me wondering whether the sender knows I am a writer, and that I run a travel blog! 

The secret family recipe included was a fantastic personal touch. I can’t wait to try it out for my own family this holiday season. Many thanks to my curious friend across the pond!"


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