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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #120

Oooooo a box PACKED to bursting with goodies. And how cool is the box?! 

"So today I got back after a day out and when my neighbour knocked on with a parcel I was OVER the moon!

Remembering to take pictures I went through bit by bit..

The box is fantastic, the pictures on the front are so fab & it will be now used to keep a few of my craft bits, im a total collector of random things so its really perfect for me

Inside there was a note to me about the contents..some blank cards & envelopes with card toppers for xmas, cant wait to use these!!

A recipe for chocolate mint cookies on lovely paper, heart cookie cutters, paper cases, a lovely rose necklace in a gorgeous organza bag, folding fan, lots of love pictures, some sea shells, pretty gems to stick on cards & a fab beetles badge! 

Thank you so much to my sender, today has been a fab day & you just made it even better!!

Thanks to you too Tiff, for a fab project & I dont envy you the time its taken to keep it all together but its appreciated!

You're welcome-we do it for the love of it.


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