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13 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #13



This box is an eclectic little number full of allsorts (not literally) from Carla who recently received her own box in the post from Box #13's sender, Nicola...

"I received my beautiful box today, I was thrilled when I phoned my husband from work at lunch and he said it had arrived. I thought all about what could be in it all afternoon. I excitedly opened it, I loved the box it was padded velvet very rich and exotic and the contents were perfect and feel they must know me as I love white flowers and only ever buy my self white ones. My box was filled with lovely craft pieces and a special gift of handmade hair grips, which I have in my hair as I write this. I guess Carla was the very kind lady who sent this box and she enclosed a lovely hand typed letter which I absolutely loved, I love all the romance of the things that time has passed by, and there is nothing on this earth quite like receiving some thing that is handmade as you really do feel you have been touched by the makers soul. I loved taking part in the project and hope to join in many more to come."

That box is rather special and I'm rather loving the tongue-in-cheek name 'Ducking Fabulous'!



  1. Yay! Oh, I'm so glad it arrived safely and so pleased you liked everything... I had such a glorious time choosing and making things for the box, and I also very much hope to take part in more projects like this, it's made me so happy! :) xx

  2. I know Carla, she is an incredibly sweet and kind lady, one of a rare breed believe me! xxx