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14 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #14




The next gift box made me feel a little teary as I read recipient Sophie's email, it was very touching indeed and makes it all so worthwhile...

"The gorgeous orange box contained some beautifully designed items - A cute Rob Ryan Mug, a yummy vanilla and coconut candle, some fine Newby Teas, a selection of seed packets with instructions, two sweet little pin-badges and most special of all - a really uplifting handwritten note from the maker of the box. 

It read:

"Dear lovely curious person, 

Here are a few things that I love & that get me through the Winter, I do hope you like them too. 

 The Curiosity Project has restored my faith in people & how lovely they can be to each other.

I wish you continued curiosity & kindness.

Warm Winter Wishes

Another Curious Person x

Save the bees"

Receiving this box made my day! The words and selection of items were so thoughtful and I thank the maker very much!"

Sophie tells me she'll be sending her box out any day now so I hope her recipient is eagerly waiting by the doormat :-)

Oh...and that Rob Ryan mug? It's MINE!


1 comment:

  1. I really love all of these items - so thoughtful. I had the peppermint tea last night while I sent the photos over. Thank you my lovely Curious Box Maker! My box will be in the post by Saturday ... look out for it! :) xx