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15 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #15



I love it when someone receives a gift that is so "them"- amazingly it seems to have been most of you so far, including photographer Elizabeth Lois who writes...

"I was so excited when the postman knocked on my door with an unexpected parcel... I knew instantly that it was my curiosity box! As I opened the padded envelope, I could see it was packed full of interesting bits and bobs! :)

I loved every single item! Taking a closer look, I was so surprised that the sender had selected some camera things!! Being a photographer myself it couldn't be more appropriate :) Everything was labelled with a little note on why the item had been selected, written using an old typewriter and stamped with a little birdie stamp- I'm dying to know who is behind my lovely parcel!! Is the bird logo a clue?!"

Come on then-own up? Who is the creative genius behind this little beauty? And how CUTE are those hearts?!



  1. I really love all of these items - so thoughtful. I had the peppermint tea last night while I sent the photos over. Thank you my lovely Curious Box Maker! My box will be in the post by Saturday ... look out for it! :) xx

  2. Woops I just posted on to the wrong box post and can't seem to remove my comment - sorry!