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18 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #18




"After days of seeing other peoples boxes arrive, mine finally did. After missing the postman, and running after him in the street (in my pjs), I finally had it!

As I opened the brown packaging there was the heavenly scent of lavender and I knew that I would love what ever was going to be inside. I untied the ribbon and ripped off the tissue paper to find some lavender, a cute cupcake badge, a bar of rose soap, some wax crayons, a little notepad and a ceramic heart which read "there is no set path, just follow your heart". 

I love everything in there, it has encouraged the child in me to get colouring. 

Thank you to whoever sent it." 

What a great idea to fill your box with the gorgeous scent of lavender, a lovely reminder of the summer...


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