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19 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #19



Today's first post is a little on the cryptic side. What does it mean?! Recipient Julia is just as confused as we are...

"As you can see the present I received is very "curious" sadly as the sender is anonymous I can't ask it's meaning, but I am not really sure what it's represents...I hope its not voodoo. Ha ha"

So to the sender of this sparkly little lady...are you a lover of Barbies? Do you love to dance? Is she a good luck charm?


1 comment:

  1. Hello! no voodoo, just a little magic, a lot of glitter and a reminder to dance and love and dance. I was working at London's club Heaven at the time I made her back in 1992 - buying glitter by the kilo and making props for drag queens! She was my mascot and sat on my dressing table at the time, but I'd put her away and pretty much forgotten about her. I thought that she was curious, and above all it was time to pass her on - along with the butterflies and sparklies I found in the same storage box. I can now see that what I sent is very different from the other boxes!I do hope you liked the diamante necklace I put in there too - just like the 'one for Barbie, one for you' sets that used to be on sale.She's a reminder that we all have a dance within us, and that