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22 September 2011

Share The Love: Box #22






Next up, something for the senses from recipient Claire Williams who believes her box is one to rival the best of them...

"Mine came all wrapped up in cute blue butterfly paper, and it was even cuter inside.The card from my Curious Friend told me that there were 5 gifts inside, one for each of the senses (and the 6th sense is to guess what they are like). For my sense of hearing was a beautiful heart shaped decoration, complete with little silver bells. For my sight, the adorable Oh Comely magazine (which I'll read with a cuppa later). My sense of touch will be satisfied when I attempt to make some origami with my new kit, my sense of smell contented with a lavender bag handmade especially for me, and without breaking the rules of confectionary - the sense of taste covered by an organza bag thoughtfully filled with mini cupcake cases with some truffle, brownie and macaroon recipes. I'm in love! Massive thank yous to my Curious Friend - it's like they know me so well!"

We love the idea of including recipes...especially anything to do with macarons!



  1. I loved the fact that the sender had wrapped and labelled everything individually, it was so thoughtfull and I really 'got' where they were coming from with the senses theme. Love love LOVE! I just hope my curious friend likes the box I sent them as much as I love this one :)x

  2. I am so glad you love it so much Claire. I loved gathering all the things for you. I hope it gave you some new experiences. I only discovered the Oh Comely magazine in the summer but it has given me lots of food for thought. Have fun Sally X

  3. snailmail is the best,looks so good