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1 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #31





It's a quiet old Friday today...not much doing...and not many boxes. We'd love to queue some more up over the weekend so if you've received yours then do drop us a line, after all we have just over 200 left to feature so get to it!

A reminder also that the deadline for posting your box is Nov 1st and those received after the 10th will not be blogged due to the launch of our Christmas project. Get those skates on!

Anyway, today's post is from a lovely lady called Sally, who writes...

"I got in from work and the postman had left a card saying they had tried to deliver a parcel. I braved the rush hour traffic again to go to the sorting office - all the way thinking of what my parcel might hold. Then the interminable wait while they looked for a parcel with my name on............... then she appeared with a beautiful flower covered box and asked me if I was expecting something addressed to "The Curiosity Project". She had to laugh at the relief on my face I felt like a little girl I was so excited but didn't delay to explain.

Home and the joy of opening it and finding the wonderful contents that my curious friend had sent me.  An unworn Pashmina bought for her bridesmaids - lovely to think my curious friend has one too. Perfect. Lovely little soaps and a little soap dish - it has a place in my home already.  A little bucket egg cup - my curious friend's favourite meal - going to be used for tomorrow's breakfast along with the robot salt and pepper pots which I know will make me laugh at the start of the day.  A sewing kit because my curious friend hoped that like her I am creative ...... oh so very true and a heart because she had put her heart into buying the gifts for me.  I am so glad she did - they are all just me and will be used and loved with happy thoughts of a lovely project.

Incidentally the card has a picture of the Humanity Rose - which I think sums up the Curiosity Project - strangers showing so much thought and care.

 Thank you soooo much,  Sally"

We have a sneaking suspicion we know who the sender of this box is, given her famous love of eggs...but we'll have to wait and see if we're right...


1 comment:

  1. Claire Doubleyou21 October 2011 at 17:03

    Tiff, were you thinking it was our lovely egg-fetish friend Emma Case? Well, close, but it was ME!Sally I'm so chuffed you like the box! I was so worried it got there safely I've been checking with the royal mail every day!The Salt and Pepper pots were my favourite, they made me howl :) and yes, I agree, the project really does restore your faith in people.Tiff, thank you for creating it, it's been lovely - hopefully there will be many more to unite us and do something positive to make us all feel loved!Big Love xxx