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5 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #35


This gem of a box has quite an eclectic mix of goodies inside as recipient Louise discovered...

"I picked up my parcel on a day I had a massive cake order so I made myself wait till I'd finished so I could open my box and not rush it! It was easier said than done and I was really tempted all morning as how often do you get nice surprises in the post?!

In my box was a lovely card which made me realise that I hadn't done this with my box and it was a really nice idea (see I'm not doing very well! Although I did sent my box on time that's got to count for something right??)

My sender had recently moved to London from Newcastle and had recently had a London themed wedding and had included a London themed egg cup and coaster (been used a lot!) I got a lovely little silver box which I have used for beads. My sender had also just been to Morocco and put in a scarf, keyring, ribbon and oil bottle from there. The oil bottle is with my collection of tea cups and vintage bits on my kitchen shelf and looks amazing. It was so nice to receive such a variety of different objects especially ones from another country. Also nestled in my box was a little rubber duck which is a family tradition - I have had to hide this from my children!

I was so pleased with my lovely box, thank you, and once again sorry for being so slack!

Louise x"

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