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6 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #36






The last post of the day comes from one of my all time favourite ladies, Emma Case. Even her postie got involved in this one!

"It was actually sent to our old address as we've recently moved and our tenants were dying to open it!  The postman also missed them so had put a 'To the Curious Person, sorry we missed you'.. through the letterbox...

 It was so lovely to recieve... the fact that I have no idea who sent it half drives me crazy as my natural want is to say thank you!  I got a lot of ribbon which I'm determined to make something over Christmas with and it was lovely that things inside the box were wrapped individually too...

When you become an adult you tend not to get many things to open anymore.. it's something that definitely feels good to do and I'm definitely up for giving others things to open too!"

Lucky Emma getting all those ribbons and beautiful crafty pieces. We want.


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