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7 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #37






Morning you curious lot! Tell us...how does your garden grow? Louise finds out...

"My box arrived yesterday. I had to wait til bedtime til I could open it. It was off to a promising start though - any box that's got flowers on the outside is going to entice me (one of the drawbacks of being a florist). Hook, line and sinker! Inside was a veritible feast of goodies, each item individually wrapped with a little tag and a notes of explanation. Even the box was beautiful. A very big thank you to the lovely lady who sent it to me."

The sticks of rock bring back some childhood memories for us. Did you send it?



  1. It was me! How fabulous that it went to a florist - floral vintageness!!! Hello Louise - does this make us floral buddies for life! I was going to fill it with lots of things from my The Vintage Drawer Collection but thought that might be too obvious for some as I know it was supposed to be an anonymous project!!???? xxxx

  2. Hi Vicky,Oh wow! Does this mean we got a box swap??? Looking down the blog, I think it was you who got my London themed one. Is that meant to happen??? I now know what Tiffany meant when she said she was jealous of whoever got your box. It was so lovely. I haven't had a chance to look at the books properly because my mum snatched them from me - she loves them because they remind her of her childhood. I couldn't believe it when they even had the old price of half a crown on it! In such a good condition too!Tbh, I hadn't heard of The Vintage Drawer collection before, but I now I have, I'm wondering where it's been all my life. I've just had a look at your website, and it's BEAUTIFUL. Really gorgeous stuff. I may order some brooches for my mum for Christmas.p.s: I truly hope that this makes us floral buddies for life! ;-)

  3. Hi lovely louise!!. We are definately floral buddies for life! The cup -my youngest daughter Mia has taken ownership as she now uses it to take her early morning tea - I use the purse daily - it is my post office purse. The biscuits didn't last five minutes - the alarm clock is going in our caravn and the book is on my pile by the side of the bed - you must let me know your twitter address/web site so we can keep in touch!!! And thank you for your kind words regarding the vintage drawer xxx