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11 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #41



Our last post of the evening comes from Helen. We love the handmade items in this box...

"Its a beautiful sunny and cold Saturday morning, I race round to the local delivery office as soon as I am out of bed. I know exactly what’s there for me; my curiosity package.

Once home and out of the envelope I am faced with a gorgeously presented box with butterflies which happen to be my favourite animal. The colours are purple and greens it really does feel special.

I eagerly open the box which contains several wrapped gifts each one as unique as the rest. Firstly the cookie cutter that I can't wait to use, it turns cookies into wing shapes that can hang off cups! 

The second is a lovely photo frame with a heart which will take pride of place in my new home. There is a bundle of thick felt placemats that can be used for a number of things. 

One thing I will definitely be wearing this winter is the flower felt brooch, handmade and delightful on my winter scarf. The last item in the box were some handmade decorations; namely stars made from cosy material which is just asking to get put on our Xmas tree very soon.

Lastly but my no means least was a lovely note from the sender wishing me luck in my new home and hoping I will enjoy the contents of this little project. I certainly will and I hope to have them around my home for a long time!"


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  1. I'm so glad to hear the box arrived safely (as it had a long way to travel) and that you like its content! As the weather turns colder I thought it would be nice with some cozy things (and what is more cozy than felt : ) ? ). It’s a really nice to think that the small gifts I sent will be a part of your home. Your ever curious friend, Susanna