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17 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #47

We...no...I have a slight confession to make this morning. The lovely Gemma brought to my attention that she was worried I hadn't received her photos so she resent it...but actually it was just hiding in my mess of an inbox. So apologies to Gemma for thinking I'd forgotten and apologies to her sender who has probably been sat worrying it hadn't arrived!

So on the last Monday of October, I'll hand you over to Gemma...





"As I got home from my first day as an intern, my parcel was sat outside my door waiting for me. Best day ever!

I opened the parcel with my coat still on as I was so excited! It had a lovely note inside and everything was labelled.

My decorated box contained:

Hallowe'en bunting (my favourite time of year!)

an awesome pocket mirror with a fox's face on it!

a tiny medal (Love!)

some vintage buttons 

a packet of wild flower seeds

a cushion 'for pins or just to look nice' (it's too nice to put pins in!)

a bubblegum shot candle

a furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth)

a gorgeous temporary tattoo (from Tattly - I've been looking at their site for wedding favours!!)

It's as if the sender knew me completely - and I love how most of the people who have received their boxes have said that!

My sender made, collected and bought the items and in the note it says that the things are representative of the sender in some way - they truly are also a representation of me too!

I love the tiny medal and the super sweet cushion.

I want to thank the sender for inspiring me to create and grow beautiful things."

We want that cushion. Badly.



  1. Lovely, I'd love to know how the curious person created their lables - love them.

  2. Phew! I was starting to worry! So glad that it had arrived safely and that Gemma was pleased with the contents!I found it so hard to know what to put inside without any idea how old the peron was, or what they were like.Lucy, thanks for admiring the labels! I made them from white card using the font monbijoux.

  3. I really love my pressies! thanks so much. xsuch a fantastic project looking forward to today's announcement for the Christmas one!xx