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19 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #49






"My Curiosity Project box arrived just as I was leaving the house so I had to wait till I got home to open it and I couldn't wait.

The outer packaging was stuck with fab gemstone sticky tape and my lovely sender had customised the box with gold lettering that read 'Be inspired'.  The contents were charming and so cheerful.  

There was a fuschia pink pom pom brooch that shall grace my winter coat.

A lovely blank card I can send 

A fortune teller fish - wow that takes me right back to my childhood!

A miniature book of Oscar Wilde's 'The Star Child'

Funky geometric stickers

and wild flower seeds, I've just had my garden sorted out so I'm delighted that they have a really good home to be planted out in.

And last but not least the most amazing Happy Eyes glasses, you put them on and look at a bright point of light to see Hearts, what an uplifting idea!  (my purple velour dog Tony can be seen modelling them!).

The card read 'Be Inspired, Be Curious, Be Fabulous.  There is nothing more to life.  Follow your dreams, live and love'.  

Wise words indeed, thank you my curious friend for your kindness and imagination, I love my box."


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