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24 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #52

Next up is a post from recipient Julie who received some AMAZING finds in her box which was beautifully decorated in decoupage style...

"Sorry for the delay in sending you my pictures and before I forget thank you for coordinating the Curiosity Project. It was fun thinking of what to give and going round getting pieces.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's gifts & will be blogging my experience after you've collated all the gifts. 

The first is the wonderful box I received including
A working Kodak 127 Brownie, case & instructions (I'm def getting film to try it out)
A set of handmade postcards of London architecture (not only do I love trips to London but I'm an architecture geek)
Antique lace (I think this person must be my doppleganger)
Red, white & blue heart shaped buttons (too cute)
Retro cake cases (almost too funky to use!)
Handmade felt heart (now my pincushion as my sender suggested)."

We LOVE the old Kodak Brownie...wonder who sent it...


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