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24 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #53

Boxes like this are the reason we're doing the whole project. It is awesome. It now belongs to Charlotte. Check it out...

"I was so excited to receive my curiosity box this morning. 
I did have to take a few minutes to explain it to the postman as he was wondering what it was all about.
Once inside I took my time unwrapping the lovely paper and the brown box with bright green elastic.
The first thing I opened was a lovely note explaining what was inside my box. 

Some origami which will feature in my senders wedding in 2013. It's so tiny, must have been so fiddly to make.
A passport holder.
A little notebook which has been gorgeously embroidered. And a pen for the times when inspiration strikes. This is wonderful because I'm always making notes or jotting down ideas and seem to always be searching for a pen.
Lots of wonderful buttons, some are the tiniest I've ever seen, and others are in the shape of paint and paintbrushes!
A gorgeous felt brooch that I will pin to my winter coat.
A small note pad 
And some quirky cat and bird pictures.

I love all the items in my box, and have really enjoyed the project, sending and receiving have both been great fun. 

Have recommended the project to so many people and looking forward to the Christmas version already.  

Thanks to the curiosity project and my box sender for putting a smile on my face."


1 comment:

  1. Charlotte, I'm so glad you received the box and that you like it!

    I can't wait for the christmas one either!

    gem. xx