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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #54

There are no words to describe how utterly beautiful the box and indeed its contents are. The photos are so whimsical. Wow. Wow...

Recipient Karen is one lucky lady!

On the day the Curiosity Project arrived I answered a knock on the door to be handed a "brown paper package tied up with string" and as the song says, these are one of my favourite things. If I had to compile a list of what makes people happy it must be receiving a gift parcel as an act of kindness.

I didn't open it right away. I made myself a cup of coffee, switched the phone off and grabbed my camera. I wanted to enjoy the moment.
As I unwrapped the paper my excitement grew when I saw the care someone had taken to decorate the box so prettily.

Inside was a little china bird inscribed with the words "Follow your dreams" which couldn't have been more touching as it is what I am trying to do with my new business right now and a poster, which now sits above my desk, reads;
Life isn't about waiting for a storm to pass.It is about learning to dance in the rain.
How true and how inspiring.
The pretty bunting is trailing over my apple tree which I have sat under on these mild Autumn days thinking about my dreams and how to make them come true.

The handmade note reads, this gift is given in the spirit of happiness and friendship.

Thank you so much to my curious friend for my lovely gifts and for bringing sunshine and happiness into my day.

Thank you Tiffany for such a fabulous project.

Best wishes,

Karen x

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