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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #59

This is an urgent appeal for the sender of this box to get in touch! Your recipient Nicky has mislaid your address and has a box waiting to send to you, so please get in touch with your address so we can pass it on!

Miss Curiosity


My curious parcel had been waiting at the post office for me since Friday so my excitement had been growing and I was not disappointed, it was beautifully packaged with luscious papers and gorgeous ribbons, all lace and brown paper, my favourite things!

There was a lovely handmade card on which were the words 'May your curiosity continue to bring you little surprises and random acts of kindness'-lovely!

Inside my box the treats just kept coming, I found a beautiful lotus flower candle holder, a lovely birds nest pendant, some gorgeous cake cases and paper tape and my favourite the russian doll measuring cups that will be pride of place in my kitchen. Not forgetting my lovely hand written recipe that's maybe a family favourite of my senders....

I absolutely adore everything in my box and find it hard to believe that it's from someone who doesn't know me, I'm quite tricky to buy for too!

Thank you big smiley lots for making my day secret sender, I LOVE my box!

And thanks Curiosity Project, what a brilliant idea. 



  1. What a gorgeous box, I'm jealous!

  2. Sooo pretty! I was there for the grand unveil - it was stunning :)

  3. Hurrah! This is the box I sent! SO happy that you like everything, I only wish the box had been big enough for more. I bought myself the lotus after coveting it for months. Then one day I found another and so now we have 1 half of a pair each. The recipe is indeed a tried and tested carrot cake which is so loved that it is filed under secret family recipes. The birds nest was a spiky wired labour of love and the tags were printed using stamps for the first time that I had sent from America. The box I received in turn is nothing short of wonderful!