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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #61

MAJOR curiosity porn alert! We're not sure what to drool over first...so we'll let you pour over the photos and hand you over to the lucky recipient Shelly from Leeds...

It was almost like christmas morning when I got my box. The entire family were gathered round the dinner table as I undid the brown paper wrapping and started to unwrap all my gorgeous goodies. My little girl made a beeline for the pink tissue paper that everything was wrapped in. 

I've absolutely no idea who was responsible for choosing my box, but they were pretty spot on. Despite being a photographer, I do lots of crafty stuff too – nothing more lovely than sending a handmade gift is there? So when I opened my box to discover lots of lovely crafty things, I was thrilled. 

Lovely vintage lace, a cute box full of fab charms (including a pumpkin and a bat  – just in time for Halloween!), a heart shaped hole punch (how long have I wanted one of those?), a sweet little book on charms, a gorgeous velvet rose brooch, a heart shaped bell (that'll be going on the xmas tree), some beautiful brads, a sweet sewing kit, some gorgeous tags, and four little letter blocks adorned with words and pictures of the Eiffel Tower (and those will be adorning my stand at the East Riddlesden wedding fayre on Sunday – very me indeed!)

There is nothing nicer in the world than receiving a gift that someone has put lots of love, attention and thought into so thank you whoever you are. I'll be putting the pictures on my blog too to tell the world that there are some beautiful, generous and kind people in the world. 

Thanks for organising the curiosity project. It's been lots of fun. 




  1. That holding it all together pin is fab!!

  2. Yay! so glad my box arrived safe and sound!