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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #64

Lovely Lucy received a few of her sender's favourite things this morning...

"I have just this moment opened my beautiful box of delights which arrived this morning. 

The label was marked with the famous Julie Andrews line...cue ladylike humming from me as I carefully untied the string and opened my package...

Inside, five gifts individually wrapped in crisp white tissue paper and heart stickers. 

The first was a cream chunky knit wool scarf, which I'm wearing as I type this. 

The second was a book of joyful quotes, from Spinoza to Mother Theresa, including this quote which about sums up how I feel about this project:

"Do a little kindness, Any sort will do;
Sure as life's worth living it comes back to you,
Warms your heart and makes you happy as can be;
If you don't believe it, just try and see!"

Next, two pretty Joseph Southall postcards of Southwold. Is this a clue to my curious friend's location? Or maybe they just love the seaside like me? 

My fourth gift was a delicate glass paperweight, it has rounded corners like a pebble and it's so pleasing to touch. I wonder if the sender thought that when they chose it? 
Finally a sepia coloured notebook with a vintage inspired cover. That will definitely come in handy and will be a joy to use.

I would love to know who sent this so I could thank them properly. I love each of these gifts, each item is so thoughtful and useful. 
Receiving my curiosity box has brought me a lot of joy. Thank you x"

Southwold holds a very special place in our hearts too. We miss it.


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