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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #65

The next box is full of clues as to the sender's personality as recipient Freya finds out...

"Hi! I would have done this so much sooner had I not been so busy! However, in such a busy time this gift was even more appreciated. 

I was more than happy with everything I received. I really do feel like my sender knew me! Music, writing and beautiful trinkets are something I involve myself with whenever I can! 

I found the CD an incredibly touching gift, to think the sender enjoys this music and I now have to feel really special. If the music reflects their personality like they say it does, I'm sure we would get on! 

I absolutely adored the little silver russian doll like tins. I can't help wondering if the newspaper inside is a clue also. Maybe about where they have come from or maybe about where my sender is from; either way a foreign language is all over them. 

I was truly ecstatic with everything I received. It's obvious my sender is extremely creative, everything was wrapped in beautiful yellow ribbon and tissue paper to match. Here are some photographs of the beautiful things I now have. 

Thank you, fellow curious one!"

So many beautiful colours in those tins and the china saucer. A box with meaning. 


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