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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #66

Champagne coup glasses...a Choccywoccydoodah apron and a feathered headband-what a great way to sex up a TV dinner for two ;-) Natalie is the lucky recipient of this...tube!

"I receive parcels every other day because of what I do, I am constantly ordering ribbon, paper etc...but today when I heard the postman knock, I knew instantly that he would have a curious box in hand. A tube in fact - wrapped in brown paper with the words "brown paper packages, tied up with string - these are a few of my favourite things". And underneath said paper, a glorious polka dot tube was uncovered.

Now...I was tempted to leave the box until Sunday to open, you see, it is my birthday on Sunday...but....we're allowed early birthday presents, right??

Anyway, the tube was filled with such delights as a pink feather headband, a pair of angel wings, which shall hang proudly on my Christmas tree this year, one of those Christmas shakey things...you know, the ones that have snow in them...(argh, what are they called??), a cute crochet bag full of petals, a pair of champers glasses which are utterly gorgeous and yes...that is a Choccywoccydoodah apron there ;)

The postcard inside (a Choccywoccydoodah one no less) reads:

"Dear Curious Friend,

I've tried to include gifts that show a little piece of the things I love: chocolate, champagne, anything sparkly, christmas and weddings. I hope you have fun with them!

Lots of love,

Your Curious Friend


Thank you Curious friend, a lovely early birthday present! :)"

Darn it-makes us want chocolate now! 


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