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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #69

Gooooood morning you curious lot! We have another box for all you nosy parkers to enjoy over your breakfast (or dinner).

This is also an urgent appeal for the sender of this box to get in touch with your address as your recipient has mislaid it and has a box for you!!

We're loving the branded vintage tins and well worn books, and so it would seem did recipient Carmen...

“When I received my very carefully wrapped box addressed to The Curiosity Project, I was very excited to see what the sender had hand-picked for me. It’s so nice to receive such goodies in the post!

As soon as I opened the box, I was greeted by a lovely note and I then carefully took out the items one by one. I realised just how much the sender had tried to get to know me. Inside the box were very sweet vintage finds – the little tins were so lovely along with the old books {I particularly loved the Oxo tin!}… and then when I saw underneath those items were little Chinese paper parasols, I just knew they had seen how much I adore parasols! I left the bubble wrapped item until last. I carefully unwrapped this fragile item ...and  it was a traditional milk bottle with the Kellogs logo! I was smitten! Old style milk bottles bring me such fond memories of my childhood. 

Thank you dear sender. You certainly made it a very lovely box to open and it’s so, so personal. Xx"


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