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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #73

This is quite possibly one of our all time favourite boxes. The framed origami crane...the tea cup (we have the exact same one in a set in the loft) one of the most romantic novels in history...sigh...

"I received my box this morning and to say that I was excited is an understatement. I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to savour the contents as I unwrapped my favourite brown parcel paper- the postcard of the dashing gentleman in a feathered hat made me laugh straight away. My first impression was that I couldn't believe how many lovely items were in there! Delight after delight just kept coming and I'm touched by the amount of love and care that has clearly gone into every little detail. I adore everything about the package, some things I would have picked for myself and others not, but I love them all equally as they have so much character. I'm still smiling now! A few specifics: clearly the sender has a thing for origami and the lovely box framed crane will have pride of place where I spend most of my time, on the wall by my desk. The brooch is beautiful and has an artisan feel to it, completely my style and will be worn with pride. The vintage teacup and saucer are beautiful which is amazing because I am very specific with most vintage crockery, in that I don't like the majority! The slide is really fascinating and I spent ages holding it up to the light, I think I will have to try to scan or project it to examine closer- I totally love it. Secret sender, I too love old photographs like the one you included and the writing on the back? Wonderful! I don't want to miss anything out for fear of it seeming that I do not love the others as much as those mentioned, because I really do. Pride and Prejudice- always wanted to read it, the cookie cutters- will be used for my work all the time, buttons and stars- such a sweet idea, Miss Lego Fairy- my new lucky charm.

Thank you for putting such a thoughtful and joyous box together for me- if we weren't so far apart I'd love to go out for tea and cake sometime!

And thank you Tiffany for thinking of such an uplifting social experiment!



  1. Ooh yes, tea and cake would be lovely!

    I'm super glad you love the box, I had loads of fun putting it together.
    The slide is a piece of work from my Fine Art degree show from years ago, the playmobil is because I collect playmobil and they are seriously cool and Pride and Prejudice because it's such a good read.

    When i'm baking your carrot cake in my lovely trays I will be sure to think of you and smile, thank you!

  2. OMG!! How awesome is this box!

    I have just recently discovered this blog & love it. Will be hoping to get involved in the project in the new year! xx