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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #74

This morning...OUR BOX ARRIVED!!!

Talk about excited-I (Tiffany) practically bounced off the chair to reach the postman and eagerly opened the recorded delivery bag to see what was inside...

I LOVED the black and white box with the William Morris style bird and flower motif and was pleased to see a brilliant selection of black and white graphic postcards-my brother is a graphic designer and actually looks very much like something he'd do.

Inside was a hand-stitched Hello Kitty card full of messages...

"I've made some goodies I hope you'll like
• knitted wrist cuff
• handmade notebook (this will go in my hand bag to fill with creative ideas!)
Lavender filled heart (one of my favourite things I will hang in the house)

Here is some genuine Harris Tweet to make something wonderful with and buttons from my stash.

The postcards are a limited edition in aid of Shelter while the other pieces are by friendly crafters. "

Although I know who sent the box I'd like to thank you for a really heartfelt collection of curiosities. The Harris Tweed will be made into something special indeed and how did you know I am utterly obsessed with buttons?

Without doubt, my favourite item is the owl earrings, so simple yet perfect, I shall wear them with pride.

Thank you my lovely Glaswegian curiosity friend!



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