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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #79

What a cracker of a box we have up next for your delectation!  Not sure where to start with this one, we love it ALL. Clearly lovingly made by someone with a great deal of taste :-) Recipient Eliza tells us more...

"I was so excited when my Curiosity Project box arrived - it arrived while the house was in chaos, we were in the middle of moving all of our furniture from downstairs to upstairs (don't ask!), but I took a little break to unwrap and squeal over the gorgeous items in my box. It really was a little box of curiosities! I started to read the lovely note, but then realised that the note contained spoilers, so I decided to unwrap the items THEN read the note.

The first thing I unwrapped were two books - an F Scott Fitzgerald novel and a Good Housekeeping recipe book for making sweets. I love the 1920s and can't wait to start reading the novel! Also, I plan to make sweets for people for Christmas this year, so the recipe book will be incredibly useful.

Then I opened a game - it's called Ex Libris and is a game where you write your own first and last lines for famous novels, and then the actual first and last lines and your first and last lines are both read out, and the other players have to guess which is the real literary work - kind of a 'call my bluff' but with books!

There were some gorgeous badges in the box as well, which will be attached to my little satchel! And the 3D viewer has kept my children entranced - 3D without the cinema!!

Finally, there was an excerpt from a 365-day calendar (the first month) of vanishing vocabulary and folklore, which is great fun to read through, and a little newspaper clipping entitled 'Dear 16-year-old me', a 'to do' list for life - which is incredibly sweet and something that really resonates with me.

The note explained that the box is intended to be a 'philosophy on how to live a happy, curious life' and it definitely fulfils that intention - the items are so thoughtful, and fit together so well. It was a joy to open the box, and incredibly exciting!

Liz x"


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  1. I sent this - I'm so glad you liked it, I had a lot of fun putting it together!