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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #85

On this not-so-lovely British Sunday morning (we've got rain down in Kent) we're starting with a lovely sunny box of things...the mini hot water bottle is just too cute!

"Just this morning I received my lovely goody box.  You are doing such a great job writing up all these boxes you must be doing it in your sleep. Thanks so much. 

I have been away from home since Tuesday so I was so excited to see that the postman had left me a card with the curiosity parcel marked on it on my return. This morning my husband picked it up from the post office. I was waiting armed with a lovely cup of tea and my camera. I was so excited, I carefully unwrapped the brown paper to find beautiful Russian doll box in happy bright colours. Inside were lovely things and a letter which said the sender wanted me to have some little luxuries that  would add a little extra to day to day life. 

I received:
A really lovely mug which I am drinking my tea out of now!
Gorgeous notebooks which I just adore. I am a complete stationery addict!
A really cute bracelet
A tiny hot water bottle in a knitted and embroidered cover decorated with a sunny boat scene. (Great for winter in my office)
A bath bomb which I am going to save for when its really cold to enjoy a luxuriating bath with a glass of wine and chocolate.

All the presents were wrapped up in tissue. Thank you so much for the lovely thoughts inside the box. 

Thank you to Tiffany for thinking of such a great idea.


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