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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #87

Recipient Jem tells us all about the box she received over the weekend and how discovering the contents made her decide to send a little extra to her sender...

"My box arrived today!! It had to be redelivered and the wait felt like an age, I've been a little unwell the past couple of days so the need for a pick-me-up was strong and the anticipation of opening my parcel was sky high . . . .  

A lovely message on the back of a great black and white postcard read;

'Dear Curious Person of Derbyshire . . . . .

'These are a few of my favourite things!'
I hope that you enjoy the things placed in this box, whether it be wrapping up warm on a cold, wet day or having a natter with your best friend and a brew (as a Manchester girl I am an expert at both!)

With love from a 
Dancing Manchester Girl'

You'll see from my pictures that the sender of my box was incredibly generous but most importantly - incredibly thoughtful! The handmade and handwritten tags with a Sound of Music theme made me smile.  I admired each curious item and was so excited by them all; the selection of teabags and lovely Paperchase mug (I'm a tea lover so this was dead on!), the cosy red mittens with beautiful embellishment (I love winter, mittens and the colour red), the sticky notes and highlighters (stationery fiend right here!), polka dot umbrella (did I say how much I love red!?), the wind-up ducky (I have a little collection of ducks), the little cluster of roses (who doesn't love flowers?) and the gorgeous postcards (another bullseye). 

It was as though the sender knew me personally, I cannot thank her enough for her wonderfully put together box, it has - without question - made my weekend and I'm determined to send her the little things I omitted from the box I sent to her (for fear of looking slightly TOO random) by way of a thank you. Keep an eye on the post and thank you again!"


1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh! Thank you so much for the lovely response! I'm sooo glad you liked my box! It was funny reading your account as I too am a tea drinking, station fiend who loves all things red!! (red spotty things are always a winner too!) I can't wait to get another package, the first was lovely anyway!

    I'm glad my box helped make you feel better, curious love Sam xx