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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #88

Next up is a fun and colourful box for recipient Annabel who was joined by her curious daughter when she opened hers...

"*  A mix of decorate paper bits plus little images that look like they could be a little insight into the senders life - a beach shot, a dog...
*  Soap that looks like a cherry cupcake.  Commandeered instantly by my 5 year old!
*  4 pretty decorate pegs
*  A box of beads made out of paper. We have today turned them into a necklace for my Daughter.
*  The 'Little Book of Bad Taste' - plan on having a giggle with this later on :)
*  Two cute little notecards
*  A lovely lined notebook
*  A little shabby chic style sign that reads 'DREAM - Dreams are the touchstone of our character' - Henry David Thoreau
*  A Fridge magnet of an egg with a note attached reading 'remember you are a good egg' hehehe ;)
*  2 rubbers - one a pirate the other a skull
*  A pretty nail file
*  A cute little face cloth

Huge love and thanks to my curious friend who sent this - thank you for your kindness :)"

You are indeed a good egg Annabel ;-)



  1. Thanks for posting this Tiff! What a delightful project this is! I signed up for the Christmas curiosity box yesterday and if mine arrives before 25th Dec, I'm going to keep it to open when I have some quiet 'me' time on Christmas day :)

    Much love,

    Annabel xXx

  2. Cuteness! OMG your little girl looks so much like you Annabel!! xx