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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #92

Tee hee!!! I love it when you recognise a person's hand writing in one of the received boxes-the sender of this box is a member of our family. Lucky you Alexa!

"Note of apology to start with! I was very excited to pick my box up from the sorting office on Wednesday evening - it was worth the long walk in the dark (no car you see!) I loved walking home with it in my hands, all bundled up in my winter woolies, I couldn't wait to unwrap!  It was such a shame to have to wait until the weekend to take the photos but my flat is really dark and I wanted to take photos by the window so that there was enough light to see the gorgeousness inside! 

Note to my lovely sender:
My sender has done a brilliant job and spent so much time over my curiosity box. All of the contents inside were perfect, I've got the candle on as I type this- so relaxing.  I love that the sender spent so long actually making the box - amazing! Another thing that amazed me was that one of the little parcels had a sticker from a gift shop in Sidmouth. My in-laws have just moved down to Sidmouth and I found the little shop last time I was down there visiting! I'm a primary school teacher as well as a photographer so very busy and working hard - I loved how caring the box was, it was like receiving a hug in the post - each thing had a purpose to it and a reason to aid wellbeing. There was a beautifully written card too, explaining each of the items.  

Fairy dust and pictures to remind me of a world full of possibilities. (I'm going to take this into my reception class and use it to inspire the children's imaginations, they will love it!)

A vintage brooch for a bit of glamour (it's already on my favourite coat!)

A candle and candle holder for some light on the darkest of lights (thank you, I will treasure it!)

A treasure box with trickets to remind of adventures and childhood dreams, of always looking out for treasure.  (Do you know me!?)

A bath bomb for pampering (I love baths!)

And for the coming spring some seeds and a planting marker, because everyone needs to get their hands dirty every now and again. And spinach is good for you. (I'm just about to move from a small flat with no outside space, to a house with my very own garden! SO excited about growing this!)

Finally, some saffron to add a little something special to your cooking. (I love to cook, this is perfect!) 

Thank you so very much sender, I've really enjoyed getting to know you through our boxes. 


Yes, we agree with Alexa, getting things in the post from you, secret sender, is exactly like receiving a hug in the post!


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