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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #94

My oh my, we LOVE the contents of this box, the beautiful poppy tin (perfect for recipient Sarah and her new business!) the vintage brooches (is this a clue to the sender?) Enjoy...

"I had a joy opening up these wonderful gifts. My Curious partner was so so very generous. And as many others found it was as if she knew me. Everything was beautifully packaged and it came with a lovely note. Each thing I opened got better and better. There were some beautiful vintage photos of people holidaying and enjoying themselves, a wonderful Xmas tree decoration which is perfect as we had to get rid of lots of ours when we travelled recently and were homeless. A great CD from their wedding which I'm listening to now as I work from home. PS there is an awesome illustration on the CD cover, did you do that curious friend? 

A great necklace and beautiful vintage brooches galore. The brooches are amazing and I wore the bow one on Saturday night. Beautiful vintage buttons that will be used on purses and pieces I make for brides to be so they will be enjoyed by me and then by brides on one of the best days of their life. Which I LOVE, the joy will spread even further. And finally the Pièce de résistance for me was the beautiful tin with Poppies on which is very apt for me and will take pride of place in my new office corner. 
I cannot thank my curious friend enough, after a couple of crappy weeks this was a complete joy to open and am so so grateful."



  1. Just want to say thanks again. Such a great project Tiffany. Thanks to my curious friend I'd love to know who you are! x

  2. Hi Sarah
    I sent you the box. Bless you I am so glad you liked it.
    I am affraid the brooches have nothing to do with my job, I just have lot's of them. The photographs may have been more of a clue as to what I do, I hope they made you smile. And amazingly I can not believe how much that little poppy tin was so made for you. It belonged to my nana and she was going to throw it away so I thought I'd take it and put it in your curiosity box, I'm so glad I did.
    Gem x x