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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #95

We have a sneaking suspicion we know who the sender of our next box was...the clues are just too, too easy! If you were to box a person this is most definitely what you'd find in it...if it IS her anyway. We're also extremely envious of the contents of this box...and is that one of our sponsor's bags we see there? ;-)

Let's hand over to Rachael...

"Hey! I am so excited to have collected my package from the Post Office this morning! What a great way to spend my first morning of a week off! (I made the boy take me down to collect it!)
I admit.. I opened the package & read the letter in the car, but I did save the goodies until I got back home..

My box was full of wonderful red & pink goodies including hearts and nail polish! The card in the envelope stated "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back"
I got WAY excited! I also read the letter which read:

"Dear Curious Recipient.
Firstly my sincere apologies for the delayed nature of this package. I couldn't stand for anything less than a super stylish and fun gift for you so I do hope it's been worth the wait.

1. I heart hearts. Hence the heart brooch and heart tote. I hope they brighten up any outfit for you!
2. When feeling a little bleurgh, paint your nails red for instant glamness. That's what I do.
3. I'm a little of a DC addict, and this limited edition bottle was from a recent fashion event I attended.
4. Super. I use this word a lot and it's fun to stamp on everything and anything... or anyone. Pass it on.
5. Hand cream, it smells sooo good and it's a little hint to my favourite season.
6. Ampersand. I'm a touch obsessed & have many in all shapes and sizes hope this fits in your life somehow.
7. A guide to East London. The best place. I hope you visit.
8. J'adore. I talk a lot about love, so this seemed fitting. Please do send to someone you j'adore.
9. Breakfeat at Tiffany's. My favourite film, in my favourite city. If you haven't seen it, please turn down the lights cuddle up with your fella and enjoy. And if you have, then do that anyway.
10. Notebook. Always carry one on you. You never know when inspiration will hit.

I hope this package brightens up a dark day.

With love
Your Curious Friend xo"

For one, when I read "DC" I instantly thought of comics...but seeing a bottle of Diet Coke when I opened it - I was like "Heck yes!" I love Diet Coke too! Especially in glass bottles!!
And for the East London map - I can't wait to use it next year when we hopefully go (to do the geekiest thing ever which I won't bore you with now). And Breakfast At Tiffany's - I love this film - but have only seen it a handful of times - Fabulous now that I own a copy of it!

Thank you Curious Friend, I can't WAIT to use all of these!!


Yep. Still jealous. 



  1. This is an awesome box - i love the letter that came with it!

  2. So pleased it all arrived with you safely and hope you get some enjoyment from the bits n pieces! xo