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26 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #96

Ok. Two things. I want the tin. And I want those French toilette bottles. 

Here's an entry sent by another member of the family...so pleased you love the oranges Kat-we love them too at this time of year...

"It took all of 0.00758 seconds from the postman knocking on the door to me ripping open my curiosity box parcel!  And what a gorgeous and unusual box full of beautiful things, I felt like a kid on Christmas day.  Thank you SO much to my CB sender, everything was completely my cup of tea (spooky! how did you know?).  

The note that came with the box said:

Dear Curious Friend!
I hope you enjoy your box of treasures. The oranges and lemon are a family tradition at Christmas and the scarf is a gift passed on. :)  Everything else is for your creative side (As well as just being pretty!)

The dried, scented oranges and lemon were such a lovely touch as I was greeted with the most fantastic smell as I lifted the lid.  

My favourite items had to be the camera pendant necklace (I'm a photographer!) and the handwritten recipe card for carrot & coriander muffins - I'll definitely have to get my baking hat on asap!

I'm sooooo chuffed with my box, so thank you ever so much to whoever sent it! And thank you so much Tiffany for organising this amazing project, it's put a smile on a lot of people's faces. I just hope you got a box of your own!

Kat x"

I certainly did Kat (here) and this is what I sent!


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