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28 October 2011

Our Curious Christmas Project Has Arrived!

The clocks have gone back, nights are drawing in and the heating's gone on. Already the shops are decked out in their Christmas finest and the more organized of us are already planning our family festivities. Turkey, beef or nut roast?

Given the enormous success of our debut project, we decided to roll out another in time for Christmas and we've made it even easier for you to take part. Following our reader survey we made some tweaks to how the project is run and all the information you could possibly need is here on our brand spanking new site. So what's new...

❒ You must now enter via our website and complete all the fields.

❒  You told us you'd like to know a little something about your secret recipient so you can better tailor it to their tastes. We've added a "tell us all about you" box on our entry form. Because we're nice like that.

❒ You'll no longer do a straight forward switch of gifts with your secret sender-this time whoever you send your gift to won't be the person you receive yours from.

❒ Consumables and cosmetics are now allowed although please check what's allowed through customs if you're sending abroad and make sure whatever you send is well wrapped and not likely to perish on its travels.

❒ We've reduced our entry period to just one week, meaning it closes on Nov 7th.

❒ The deadline for posting ALL boxes is Dec 14th so please leave yourself plenty of time to do it.

❒ Please send in your photos as soon as you receive your box-your secret sender will be eager to know their gift has arrived safely.

❒ The project closes on Jan 10th 2012, so any boxes received and emailed beyond this point won't be blogged.

Ok, I'm In-What Do I Need To Do?

If you're new, welcome! Do check out all the information on the site before we get started, especially the rules, they're rather important and will help you on your way.

Just as before, you have a budget of £20 and you need to fill a box with one or more items that represent what Christmas means to you. It's secret santa with heart.

Ready to go?! Enter here!


  1. Does the budget include the shipping cost, or is that extra?

  2. Hello there, postage is extra but it's up to you if you want to include it as part of your budget.

  3. Do we get to do a box if we are sponsors or do I need to sign up for that separately?

  4. Sponsors need to enter separately please!

  5. I signed up last night and I was wondering how long it will be before I find out who my recipient will be, I want to get started straight away.


  6. Hi, will another project be running soon? I'd love to be involved! Thank you