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17 November 2011

Creative Juice: ModCloth "POOOOFS!"

So there we were scouting around for a fun and simple project and we came across a brilliantly funny collection of How To vids from ModCloth. POOOOOOFS! (or pom-poms if you prefer). Yes, you may have made one or two of these at Brownies when you were younger. They're cheap and easy and they'd look fab as tree garlands or just something cute to hang up in the house...

The best thing about these bad boys is you can make them ANYWHERE, on the bus, train (tram or plane) even on the loo if you're there for a while. Another great way to unwind of an evening with a glass of wine...just be careful with those scissors ;-)

Send in some piccies if you make your own because sharing is caring!

Miss Curiosity

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