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9 November 2011

Creative Juice: Rob Ryan

You'd be hard pushed not to have seen paper cut artist Rob Ryan's work these days, even if you don't recognise his name you'll instantly know his work when you see it.

The once lesser known artist's work used to be enjoyed by hardcore crafting circles (and some obsessives who frequented Etsy) and has now made its way into mass culture by way of various high street stores including John Lewis and Urban Outfitters to name but a few. In homes all over the country you'll find a little piece of Rob Ryan art, be it on the side of a mug or bowl, a brolly perhaps or maybe a book.

Paper cutting in itself is by no means a new art form, its roots dating as far back as the 6th century in China, with more recent connections to the 18th and 19th century silhouettes. So why the sudden revival? Could it be the simplicity of using just one medium to create something really beautiful? Perhaps it's the whimsical quality that people love, the organic, handcrafted feel of it, something one-off and unique?

We found this insightful Etsy podcast all about the man behind the paper whilst exploring and we hope you'll find it inspiring enough to have a go at creating your own.

If you do make your own paper cut, send in your photos and we'll post them up-we love to see you getting creative!


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